Fugging at its finest

A lovely post from one of the ladies over at Go Fug Yourself, the site which has spawned the greatest number of intra-left internet arguments about the propriety, from a feminist perspective, of criticizing women for dressing badly. In this particular post, we get a deconstruction of the style choices of every single one of "The Pussycat Dolls," which pretends to be a pop band but is actually what happens when you take that woman Fergie, who the Black Eyed Peas added to themselves so that they could have a hot woman in their videos, and clone her like eight times. The Fug writes:

Lead Cat — we know she’s the lead because she is allowed to stand slightly ahead of the rest — actually looks okay, as does the blue sparkly one next to her, who resembles an Apollo 13 wife on her way to a launch party but is at least managing to make retro-chic work for her a bit.

… Duff Cat on the left up there continues her remarkable embrace of all things Hilary Before Her Good Makeover — down to the little extra-cinched hem on her dress, which echoes something Hil has already worn. But she should fire whomever chose a dress for her that has built-in wrinkles; ditto Bland Cat, second from the right, who looks like she shook it out from a crumpled heap in her neglected dry-cleaning pile and figured that no one would notice because one of the other cats was bound to look worse. (She was half correct.)

… Aged Cat, meanwhile, looks like the cocktail waitress at the Playboy Mansion’s Senior Bunny Texas Hold ‘Em tournament. I mean, she’s sporting a VISOR with her dress. A VISOR, PEOPLE. You know who else wears visors?

ADDENDUM: If your curiosityhappens to compel youto click on the link to the "intra-left internet arguments"about the feminist implications of bagging on chicks for dressinguggo,note in particular comments #1 and #14. The "Daniel" who wrote them is, of course, the Daniel who is me.]

Author: Masculinity and Its Discontents

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