Sorry, Doc, I gotta reschedule, I've got a playoff game tomorrow.

Last bits on jocks and shrinks, for now. Alex Rodriquez is a New York Yankees baseball star (and man) who’s constantly bashed by the New York press, sports talk radio bozos and their bozo callers, especially during his current “off” year (a year that’s really not so far from his stellar career averages, and quite a nice year by most players’ standards). I was curious about why A-Rod gets so much more grief than his colleagues and I came across this from a piece by ESPN’s Eric Neel on A-Rod entitled "Why Do We Hate This Guys?":

“He’s pretty like a model in a magazine, complete with pouty lips and brooding eyes. . . . He sees a psychiatrist [emphasis mine, not Neel’s]? and talks about it. He has a life coach who sends him daily affirmations. He goes to art museums to gaze at the great works ? and talks about that, too.”

I did a little more googling, and found that A-Rod “is proud to be in therapy, calling it ”an incredible thing" that he helped him discover a different life.” A very dislikable, threatening man to many a male American sports fan, as is evidenced by the photo above (A-Rod was reportedly seen carrying a “man purse” in Central Park ). If the Yanks win the series and he’s a shining star, all will be forgiven (if not forgotten) for a few months, of course.

Author: Masculinity and Its Discontents

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