that damn trevor banks wisconsin

see i got someone writing to me about them wolfs. a mister trevor banks wisconsin. Well here’s something for you, Mr. Wisonscin: we don’t call them cougars. We call them catamounts. And theres no such thing as that program, except for one guy from the circus who travels around with a truck and two catamounts and it is well known that if you have it in for some fellows sheep or cows, he will starve them catamounts till they are red-eyed angry and will eat sawdust if you let them, and he will then turn them catamounts loose in that fellows pasture. But I cant say as thats a goverment program like the Wolf Reintroduction Program over in New Hampshire. Thats just some freelance catamount circus carny, same as you get most anywheres. And i dint write yesterday because Jake borrowed the tires off my truck and I spent all day trying to find them and get them back. And plus: I can spell just fine mister trevor banks wisconsin. Its just my fingers get cold and sometimes i use phoneticals– or dont they have those where you come from? You can go piss up a tree for all i care.

Author: Frank Dodge

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