Vote early and often

Me and Jake and Dodie went and got our absentee ballots yesterday. We always vote absentee because its easier to get extra ballots that way. I know its not supposed to be this way, but for a bottle of screech up at duty free, Mrs Mogan will throw a few more ballots our way. we don’t do anything bad with them tho. Rest assured of that. We do our regular voting and then write ourselves in for this and that on the extra ballots. This year I got 6 ballots, dodie got 5 and b/c Jake planned ahead and brung mrs mogan a plate of cupcakes, he got 13. I think between all them 24 votes, we 3 are shoe-ins for being Justice of the Peaces. I and Jake and Dody already got certificates from the internets that say we are ministers in a church, (Dodie’s says she is a high priestess) and jake says he was once a captain of a tugboat, but nobody has asked us to do a marrying ceremony yet. Its something that the 3 of us think we wld be good at and I think us all being justice of the peaces is the way to go abt doing it. Frankly, I wld like the power to go abt marrying things. Dogs and dogs. Cats and dogs. Jake and his woodlot. I really don’t care. I just want that big marrying wand to wave around.

Author: Frank Dodge

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