Anyone who laughs like that

So in the national election the democrats beat the other guys. I am surprised it took this long. All politics is kids playing at recess, is what i say. And all you got to do to know the president is a bit off kilter is to listen to him laugh. Anyone who laughs like that is trouble. And anyone who hangs out with someone who laughs like that is also trouble. it is just the way it is. I am not judging anyone, but facts is facts. Think back to any kid at recess who laughed all heh heh heh like he does. I bet you didnt play with him. And that is probably what got us into all this mess we are in. If you had poked him in the eye and told him to stop laughing like that you might have helped yr country. Too late now, tho. Not it is up to the democrats to poke him in the eyes. Better late than never I always say. And I have a feeling they are sharpening their poking sticks right now.

Author: Frank Dodge

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