not what i thot wld happen to my bucket of dead mice

I had about 65 dead mice in this big yellow bucket i borrowed from jake. i had planned on freezing them to use for cie fishing but when i brot the bucket up from the cellar yesterday i got distracted by this awful whirring, grinding sound coming from over there at jakes. i don’t think this is what it was, but it sounded for the life of me like a cow or a big dog being put in a gigantic blender, or maybe one of those juicers they got over at the health food store in town. i have not yet gone over to jakes yet to see what he is doing. i did notice all my extenion cords is gone tho anyway, i heard that noice and i put down that bucket and then i saw some dandylions in the yard. it is no time for dandylions being as it is november, so that thru me for a spell, and i got to wondering abt what is goiing on with this weather of ours. so anyway, i forgot abt that bucket of mice. until this afternoon when i looked out the window and saw a deer eating all them mice right out of the bucket. i did not expect that to happen. a bobcat or a coyote or an owl or a bear or a crow i cld imagine. but not a deer. I did not know deer even ate mice. But this one deer ate that WHOLE bucket of mice. 65 mice ate by 1 deer! I never seen such a thiing in all my days. Tomorrow I am going to put out another bucket of mice to see if it happens again.

Author: Frank Dodge

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