That plan to dam up the Connecticut and flood VT, NH, and part of NY and Canada is just not a good idea

i know Massachusetts and Connecticut and NYC have to get their power from somewhere but I just can not go along with that plan to build a huge dam on the connecticut river. This dam they are talking abt for the CT river wld be almost as big as that 3 Gorgeous Dam over in China (where i have never been, by the way). Blding it wld mean moving over a million people, and the plans to move them to Florida or Ohio is never going to work b/c people from new england do not want to live in those places. I know i am not the brightest light bulb in thelight bulb factory and i am not goiing to pretend to be. but i am bright enough to know that blding this dam is a bad idea. Last month I came out agianst that NH plan to reintroduce wolfs b/c they cld swim across the CT river to VT, but if they are going to dam the river and turn VT and NH both into a gigantic lake well i guess they can bring all the wolfs they want to NH b/c they will never be able to swim across. They wld have to start paddling in Maine and wldnt stop untill they got to pennsylvania.

Author: Frank Dodge

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