there is a connection between sillicone breasts implants and neanderthal dna

Sez here that the Federal Detection Agency (FDA) is approving silicone for use in titty implants again. you probably remember how they stopped using siloone a few yrs ago and started using saline (which is doctor talk for salt water), and which was when women on TV started looking like they had bowling balls inside their boobies. And it also sez here that scientists say we are 99.5% related to neanderthals. they say this like it is some kind of a surprise, which i suppose it is for some people. But those some people sure never met Ne-Andrea-thal. She lives in town and looks all the world like what you think she does so i neednt describe her for you. you have imaginations. use them. now give her titty implants so she has a 1st class rack. And that is all i have to say abt THAT.

Author: Frank Dodge

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