Whose blood are they using to make plasma TVs?

on Sunday I and jake figgered out how to tap into the cable line outside on that phone pole they put it on my land without asking permission or anything, and now we each got about 500 channels, which is the least we shld have for me having to have that pole on my property. I cut down the 1st one they put up and used it for firewood, and it dint burn good atall, and then the damn power/phone company came and put another one up, so I guess i am a 3 time loser. Anyway, after we figgered out how to get at the cable we had to figger out how to get new and better TVs than these old B&W ones but that was easy to figger out because we each found TVs in one of these summer houses thats been empty since labor day. I dont know why those summer people didn’t take them with them but i guess they were done with them. Jake got a bow flex and i got a new coffee maker and an electrical blanket for dody, too. But my point here is that they sure do make TVs a lot flatter than they use to. And now here is what I and Jake nor dody understand. I asked Captain Slow what kind of TVs we now have got, and he said they are “plasma TVs.” It took him about 2 minutes to say that, by the way. He is so slow from those qualudes he took when he was younger that you can make a sandwich in the time it takes him to say hello. But anyway, what we have got here are plasma TVs, and that is kind of bothering me. Because who donated all that plasma? I have watched enough doctor shows on tv to know that plasma is part of yr blood, and i always hear how the Red Cross is low on blood all the time, so how come all that blood is going into TVS? It doesn’t seem right to me. Plus, with the way they stuckk that pole in my lawn, i bet that the plasma wasnt DONATED atall but rather was outright TAKEN. There is enough blood being spilt all over the world, but do we have to use it in our TVs? is that the kind of USA we have become? But anyway, it sure does make for a clear picture, that’s for sure. And speaking of blood and plasma, I am looking forward to that OJ simpson interview! I hope he talks about football.

Author: Frank Dodge

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