a thanksgiving story about a car that went into a river

Yesterday I and Dody were driving to the grange supper when we seen a blue car go through a puddle and then jump into the air and land in one of those streams on the side of the road that when it rains a lot turn into small brown rivers. It wasnt just us on the road and instantly everyone pulled over and we all formed a human chain out to where the car was in the river and this one fellow grabbed holt of the back door handle and we all pulled and he helped keep that blue car from going down stream into a jetty and out of sight. and then the driver fellow got his window open and handed his 2year old daugther out the window and then him and his other kid and his wife came out the window and then the car turned upside down and sunk. It was quite a picture show. You cld see the lights on, way down in the water. But they all made it out alive thanks to the 25 or so people who immediatly pulled over to help. Got that family out a good 5 minutes before the police or ambulance got there. We all got a good soaking in the rain and in the river but when all was said and done we were happy enough. I and Dody told that story about a dozen times each over at the grange and everyone aggreed that we have all got plenty to be thankful for in this world, including strangers but not necessarily including cars with bald tires. It was a good dinner at the grange, in the rain, with the good company of 50 or so people with nowhere else to go and nowehre else they wld rather be. Bird was good, talk was good, i found a hair in my stuffing but it was pretty good anyway, Ed’s fried squirrel was a little salty but good, and then we all had pumkin pie. I dont know what happend to that family that went in the drink and then came out, but i hope they had as good and thankful a day as me, and i hope they had pumkin pie with fresh whip cream. i wont wish the fried squirrel on them, but i am only speaking for myself. Ed might feel different abt it.

Author: Frank Dodge

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