Even the priest says the weather is fucked up

I was in the hardware store yesterday (that is another whole story) when i saw father ziggy (short for zigowski or zignatius or somethinglike that) and i asked him what he thot abt what it says here, that novembers average temperature was 7 degrees higher than normal, and right there in his black shirt and white collar and all his priestments he said, “Frank, i will be honest with you. It is fucked up.” then i asked him what he thot abt this iraq war, and he said, and i quote: “Frank, it is my sincere hope that george bush soomehow ends up on theoutside of the greenzone and those bearded fucktits get all mussolini on his ass and tear that mother fucker to pieces.” now, i know father ziggy has had difficulty lately what with the drinking and the driving and the internets pornography. but last i checked, he was still a priest and not just dressing like one, which means he’s still got Gods phone number. so if he is saying something is fucked up, its a pretty good bet that thing is mighty fucked up.

Author: Frank Dodge

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