Dody's dilemma: turducken or hamoonisen

Some of you already know that every year dody cooks something for the grange xmas supper. last year she made a turducken, which is a turkey stuffed with a duck that is stuffed with a chicken. it went over pretty good at the grange, although like me, everyone thot at first she had lost her rocker and was trying to get us to eat turds. also, since Guy and Lizzie Parsons are vegetarians she made them a small turducken out of soy. i suggested she call the vegetarian version a tofucken, which went over good with everyone but the parsons, who stuck with the mashed potatoes. anyway, this year she wants to branch out and not be so traditional. they are expecting a big crowed this year over at the grange, so she is toying with stuffing a pig with a moose and the moose with a deer, which wld be a hamoonisen. that is a big project so she wld have to cook over the firepit and we wld have to put the hamoonisen in the back of the truck to get it to the grange. so instead i suggested she use a shellfish theme and stuff a turtle with a bunch of lobsters and the lobsters with crabs, which wld be a turlabster. actually, come to thiink, she cld just substitue the turkey with the turtle and still ahve a turducken. i will go tell her that right now. that way there can still be tofucken. It wldnt be xmas w/o tofucken.

Author: Frank Dodge

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