Oh Rushie

I see that Rush Limbaugh is “in hot water” (as the kids say) because he accused Michael J. Fox of overdoing the Parkinson’s bob and weave in an advertisement Fox cut for the Democrat running for senate in Missouri (or Missour-ah, as Fox, a Canadian-born fellow, pronounced it, subtly tipping his hat to Missour-ah-ans). Fox was, said Limbaugh, “either off his medication or acting.”

You know how the rest of this story goes: Liberals get outraged (are there no depths to whick the Republicans will not sink?!?) Limbaugh kinda sorta apologizes. Liberals get even more outraged. Everyone moves on to the next outrage. Dexter chuckles.

I don’t mean to be blithe about it, but is anyone really offended by this kind of idiocy from the decreasingly relevant Limbaugh anymore? Michael J. Fox is too savvy to lose a wink of sleep over it. Whatever anguish comes Limbaugh’s way is a negligible addition to the cauldron of chaos and misery which he calls his soul. It’s pure media chum – not worth worrying too much about.

Author: Dear Dexter

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