There are bats in my underpants drawer

I thot i got rid of them but evidently not. i went to change my underpants and reached in there and heard something scratching and squeaking and sure enough, it was those same bats from the summer. i do not blame them for liking it in my underpants drawer because it must be comfortable in there. i been mostly wearing new underpants lately because i and jake found that box of Hanes on that loading dock a couple months ago, so i have not had the need to go into my underpants drawer and i guess those bats figgered this out. i had planned on chopping some wood today, but now i got to deal with this. if its not one thing, its another. i guess i shld count myself lucky, tho. if its not bats in my underpants drawer, it wld be bats somewhere else more inconvenient.

Author: Frank Dodge

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