Changing the dates for when the seasons start is not the way to fix our climate

It has been awful warm lately, but i dont see the solution being to change when the seasons start, and i just dont support this idea thats been in the news lately to change the date when winter starts to "sometime in Februrary," like the head of the Weather Administration said the other day. According to this fellow, summer wld go until mid october, then fall wld start and go on thru january, and winter wld last for roughly 3 weeks in february until around march 5. Then spring wld start and go for abt a month, and then summer wld go from April until October.

Next year, this weather administration fellow says, wld be a trial run for the new season dates, and depending on how they go, they might just have "floating dates" for when seasons start, sort of like the way you never know when easter is.

i know things are bound to change whether i want them to or not, but I have given all of this considerable thot, and i just dont think it is a good idea atall.

i am left to wonder if this Weather Administration fellow is the same fellow who suggested that we change to that metric calendar. Also a bad idea, by the way.

Author: Frank Dodge

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