Grape flavored Fanta Claus is coming to town

Some of you might know that who we all picture as Santa Claus is something conjured up by the Coca Cola company back in the 1930s. a fellow by the name of haddon sundblom drew Santa for coke and did such a bang up job of it that ol’ haddons Santa is pretty much what we think of when we picture santa.

To show that i am not talking out of my hat, here is a picture from 1931 of santa pondering a coke:

Now, you are probly wondering how i know all this, and that is a fair question. I am not the brightest twinkle light on the xmas tree, and i wont pretend to be. but yesterday i and jake happened to give directions to a fellow come up north from atlanta, and in the process of me walking him up the road to give him the absolute best possible directions i cld give, jake happened to find $35 just sitting there in the trunk of of his car along with a manila envelop w/ TOP SECRET written on it, a banana, and some gifts we have yet to unwrap. jake, he went and ate the banana w/o sharing any of it, so i opened the envelop marked TOP SECRET.

Seems this atlanta fellow is an advertizing executive at the Fanta division of Coca cola. Remember Fanta soda? Well, this is what those advertising fellows at Coke have planned: Grape flavored Fanta Claus.

And not only that, but they have got a orange Fanta Claus in the works.

And they even got a rootbeer flavor Fanta Claus.

So what i guess this all means is we can kiss good ol’ cherry flavored Santa Claus goodbye, b/c there is some new kids in town.

Author: Frank Dodge

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