We got us a telescope, damnit!

You have probly been wondering what i did on New Years Eve, so I will tell you. Dody got me a telescope for xmas, and i and jake and dody and even captain slow spent the 31st looking at uranus. some of the things we wondered abt uranus are: does it have a ring around it? how long does it take uranus to orbit the sun? is uranus just a big gas filled place? or is it solid? does uranus have a crust? is uranus real big or is uranus real small? The earth must be bigger than uranus, but how many times bigger is earth than uranus? is uranus a hospitable place to go to? will people ever live on uranus? If there is a crust on top of uranus, can we land a space ship on top of the crust over uranus? and can spacemen dig down into the crust of uranus and live inside uranus? and if they did, what wld they find in uranus? wld they be comfortable inside uranus? how many miles away from the sun is uranus? if someone left right now, how long wld it take them to get to uranus? is uranus real cold? is there ice on uranus? if you wanted to, cld you go skiing on uranus?

We also wondered if looking at uranus is like looking at the sun, and you go blind if you look at uranus too long. we didnt answer all our questions, but we did all agreed that it is not a good idea to spend too much time looking at uranus.

Anyway, that is the answer to what you probly been wondering. I sure do like that telescope.

Author: Frank Dodge

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