Those Polar Bears Should Go To Community College

There has been a lot of hullaballoo abt polar bears lately. I understand they are having a hard time up there in the arctic what with the melting icecaps and such, but do they have it any harder than folks in Detroit or Ohio or even at the Delco hairbrush factory that used to be here in town?

It is a polar bears job to eat seals and swim from iceberg to iceberg. They have had that job for years. It has been a good job, but jobs change. They shld know this by now. But instead they are complaining b/c there arent the usual amt of seals and the icebergs arent really there anymore. Well, maybe their problem isnt seals and ice so much as it is their ATTITUDE. they shld just stop complaining and follow the presidents advice for people who dont have jobs anymore and get themselves to a community college so they can learn how to do something else.

Author: Frank Dodge

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