It's raining Toms

In response to my last post, Tom Devine, the Valley’s premiere gay ex-crack addicted libertarian yippie blogger, said this, about fashion:

I have a hippie sensibility towards fashion, meaning I don’t get it and never did. There’s no right or wrong to it though. Wear whatever makes you happy.

Tom’s protestations of innocence, I think, prove my point, which is that your clothes (in combination with your hair, your body language, etc.) say something about you even if you don’t intend them to. Consider, for example, Tom Devine:

okay. Now you could look at Tom and see a man who doesn’t care that much about his clothes (or whether he’s even wearing any, for that matter). You could also, however, look at Tom in the context of, say, 1970s alienated working class heroes Ted Nugent and Robert De Niro:

And maybe throw in a Don Imus:

After a while, you begin to suspect that there’s something more going on, in the choices Tom’s made about how he’s going to dress, than simply not caring. There’s a Tom Devine aesthetic that Tom, consciously or not, has constructed, and it’s no accident that it’s of a piece with his writing voice — his alienation, his who-gives-a-shit sense of humor, his political incorrectness and eccentricity.

Just sayin’

Author: Masculinity and Its Discontents

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