Videos and photographs of a walking tour of North Street Northampton's Mill Yard Brook and vernal pools

Douglas Kohl granted me permission to revisit his North Street area property from time to time, so March 5 I toured the area as the rain was letting up, and recorded some video clips. Doug is planning to construct 26-31 market rate housing units in the area and is addressing the Conservation Commission Thursday, March 13, 2008 at 5:30 PM in the city hall hearing room on the second floor. The discussion will focus on vernal pool protocol as the Conservation Commission is to assess the area in the spring. See also new photo gallery of the tour to the left. Mill Yard Brook at the Northampton Bicycle Path access point Mill Yard Brook Mill Yard Brook Mill Yard Brook north/west vernal Pool Mill Yard Brook inlet/outlet Mill Yard Brook area wetlands Mill Yard Brook south/west vernal pool Mill Yard Brook south/west vernal pool-opposite side About 30 feet from the south/west vernal pool Mound of refuse in the North Street area woods Tributary running behind homes on the south side of Northern Avenue The other side of the bicycle path The other side of the bicycle path and the conclusion of our tour

Author: Northampton Redoubt

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