Straw man, hairy man (in the other Georgia)

Today is either the biggest day in Bigfoot history, or the biggest hoax in Bigfoot history. Seems some dudes in Georgia have a body in the freezer, or at least they claim to. They also claim exclusive rights to all images and "commercial opportunities" having anything to do with this particular body or "these creatures." Hubris, meet Bigfoot. Bigfoot, Hubris. And the usual way you spell that much money is, in some languages, "hoax."

Personally, I think the most likely scenario is that once they thaw and shave this sucker, one of them will, with a quavery voice, go, "Earl?" and suddenly remember that Cousin Earl went missing in 1977 and, well, he always had an embarrassing body hair issue. And it will also cast a new light for said Georgian on some of his past expressions of good will for his fellow man around campfires after a case of Meisterbrau. But I’m not skeptical or anything.

On the other hand, I recently saw this in my back yard:

I’m not sure what it is, but I lock the doors all the time now.

James Heflin

Author: James Heflin

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