It's Me, Your Friendly, Neighborhood Wedding Planner

Hi! My name is Lisa, and I am a wedding planner. There are many movies and television show out there right now that portrait wedding planners and their personalities. There is the glamorous Jennifer Lopez in "The Wedding Planner"; the pretentious and entertaining Martin Short in "Father of the Bride"; the neurotic sisters of the short-lived series "The Wedding Bells"; and the pushy coordinators featured on the reality show "Whose Wedding is it Anyway"’ just to name a few. Now I assure you, I am not like any of them!

So who am I? I am a local, experienced event planner and wedding consultant and the owner of Cold Spring Events. My main objective is making sure my clients have the day they’ve always imagined. My job requires hard work, constant attention to detail, and long hours on my feet. It is not easy. But I love it!

Since realizing my dream and starting my own business I have been helping couples plan weddings throughout Western Massachusetts. And I have gained a lot of knowledge along the way. I have become familiar with the intricacies of planning weddings, and I have worked with countless banquet facilities and wedding vendors in the area. Now I want to share all that I have learned with you.

Every week I will have a new entry for you discussing some aspect of planning a wedding. I encourage you to post your questions and comments related to that week’s post. I promise to respond to as many of them as possible! So stayed tuned for next week’s topic, "I’m engaged!" So now what?’

And remember, from "I will" to "I do" I’m here for you.

Author: Miss I Do

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