Déclaration de Mission

This blog is named "Cherchez La Femme" in an attempt to claim the term and belie its misogynistic origins and undertones. If taken at face value, which is, in plain English, "seek the woman," the phrase suddenly takes on philosophical implications of soul searching, or, perhaps more precisely, identity searching. So in this blog they will be sought out, women that is.

That being said, I fully intend to seek out men, as well. I realize that some of you may not be able to fully marry the idea that a blog about women can also sometimes be about men. For you, I posit this Matt McConaughey-from-A Time to Kill-style argument: "Imagine a blog called 'Seek the Woman.' Imagine that blog, defiantly making grand and sometimes erroneous generalizations about people and gender. Now imagine it called 'Seek the Man.'" When talking in generalities, referring to both genders of humankind, we tend to default to the male designation. The term "man" is often used instead of "human", and sometimes connotes a metaphysical notion of a collective soul (as in "man cannot live on bread alone" or "man is the cruelest animal"). So I will write about people. Most of the time I will write about women and the things that effect them. I also think sometimes I will make things up about them.

Rest assured I will deviate from this frequently.

Author: Cherchez La Femme

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