The Antis Have It

It seems like people who are anti-something for religious reasons stemming from Christianity are heard much more loudly that those who are opposed to things for moral reasons in general, even though both sets of people are equally insenced. The manipulative techniques of PETA and anti-abortionist are similar, for instance. Grainy, violent photographs of stripped animal carcases often too much resemble the pictures of "discarded" fetuses that anti-abortion protesters enthusiastically thrust in the air while screaming "Murderer!"in the faces of women and teenagers. And those opposed to gay marriage are equally as manipulative. They can no longer say that homosexulaity is ugly and disgusting and wrong in the eyes of God. Now they are opposed to it because that's not what the word "marriage" means. Or that they aren't opposed to any other aspect of homosexuality except marriage (oh, and adoption and that pesky sex part).

As points out, Planned Parenthood faces another such manipulative tactic from those who are anti-abortion. They propose cutting government funding for the organization, which offers affordable healthcare and birth control to low income families and women. To put it in perspective, governmnet funding makes up about a third of P.P's total budget, while abortion services make up about 3% of services delivered. Sounds about right.

Author: Cherchez La Femme

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