Valley Musician retracts recently released CD

"It was fundamentally compromised from the get-go," the local musician said. "The track order was all wrong, and the cover art–a picture of me sitting in an outhouse with Abraham Lincoln–just didn't convey my vision. I'm having them all removed from local shops and donated to Goodwill."

The shocking maneuver was met with incredulity by other local musicians. "He's always been such a prima donna," said another local musician, who asked to remain unnamed. "I should have known back when he played with me in the Chronic Pains. He took it a little too seriously, you know?"

Another added, "Well, I guess if releasing this CD didn't work out, maybe not releasing CDs is his true calling. Whatever."

"I'll be in seclusion in the West Wing," said the local musician. "But if you're going to listen, I suggest track 4."

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Author: Local Spins

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