Linq: Life Goes On

And so does this CD–popping it in right here and now. Although by the time you read this, it will have been popped in there and then. But anyway.

First impressions: burpy bass, slow old-school fingerpicked guitar, earnest lyrics, female folk-style singing. Rimshots! Has a bit of a Jim Croce-ish feel going on.

"Chainsaws roar, another tree falls

Forests topple for shopping malls

Wild ones scramble while humans plot

Next invasion of their Camelot"

Neil Peart meets A Mighty Wind? Track 2: Choral "change." Everybody's learning to be racist and hate-filled from what they hear around them. Earnest and well-meaning, and you can't fault the sentiment. Or the wailing harmony guitar that just roared in like Tom Cruise in Top Gun.

This one's not for me, but more power to them and their plainspoken sentiments.

It's a very old-school, not-hipster-ironic brand of feel-good, rollicking from folk to almost-reggae, light blues to acoustic balladry on the rest of its tracks. Best tune award goes to "Butterworth Boys."

What do you think?

This album isn't released yet, but you can check out older material from Linq here.

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