The Greatest Gift of All

Love, right? Well, yes, but what I’m talking about right now is actually the best WEDDING gift of all. This is the question that came to my mind when I was out looking for one for a good friend of mine that is getting married this summer. I was thinking of taking the easy way out; I was my local department store where my friend is registered walking around with the list that the customer service desk printed out for me. The problem was that nothing on the list really caught my eye. It included lots of practical stuff and a few luxury items that were out of my price range. So then I was just thinking about grabbing a gift card. That’s when I stopped myself. This is a good friend of mine and I owe it more to her than to put as little effort as possible into her gift. So what if it takes me more time to put some thought into it and get her and her future husband something that will surprise and please them? She is worth it!

Don’t get me wrong; it is perfectly fine to get someone something from their registry. After all you know they need it and like it. But sometimes you just want to go that extra step. So I decided to get something from the list to give to her at her bridal shower and keep looking for the perfect wedding gift. Guess what? I found it! I’m going to share it with you and a few other items that I think make really great wedding gifts. So the next time a good friend or family member is getting married, you can check this list and use it for a little inspiration. Now put down the toaster!

I’m getting my friend the Vera Wang Wedgwood Invitation Frame ( It’s something she would never splurge on herself but will be a great way to display her wedding invitation and favorite photo.

If you know they enjoy a good drink, consider getting them an expensive bottle of wine or scotch to have on their first anniversary. Not only will they appreciate it when they receive it, but also again when they enjoy it.

Another idea is to get them a gift certificate for a couple’s massage. This is something that they can enjoy together when the stress of everyday life starts to creep into the honeymoon phase.

If you know they don’t have a video camera, you could get them a Flip Video camcorder to take some footage while they are on their honeymoon ( It’s small enough to fit in a pocket or purse.

If you also know the couple’s parents, this idea will blow everyone away! Find out what the couples favorite meals were growing up and ask their parents for the recipes. Then compile them at this website ( and turn them into a unique cookbook that they can use for years.

Here’s one last idea for you: luxurious matching monogrammed robes and towels for the couple’s home. (It goes her first initial first, the initial of their last name larger in the middle, and his first initial at the end.)

Need more idea for the perfect gift? Ask way! From “I will” until “I do” I’m here for you.

Author: Miss I Do

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