Hippity, Humpity, Hop!

No one made putting a cute little bunny on your clitoris look better than my favorite promiscuous cougar Samantha from HBO’s series Sex and The City. This fictional femme fatale and her overacted orgasms made the original Rabbit Pearl and Rabbit Habit vibrators by Vibratex f.a.m.o.u.s. After that, rabbit-style vibrators were rapidly reproduced as if they were humping like, well, bunnies.

The Rabbit is notorious because of its unique twice-as-nice design and fluttering, vibrating bunny ears. Internally, the insertable shaft (and its band of rotating pearls) vibrates and twists for G-spot stimulation. Meanwhile, at the bottom of the shaft a little Peter Cottontail sits at a 45-degree angle so that when the shaft is inserted vaginally, his twitching ears gently vibrate against the clitoris.

Sounds good! But before you put all your Cadbury eggs into one basket, consider your other twice-as-nice vibrating Velveteen options (available at goodvibes.com and babeland.com). Too many times while working at Good Vibrations did I see people go straight for the “As Seen on Sex and the City” sticker, pick up a Rabbit Pearl and drop $90 on a toy they weren’t properly educated about.

The original Rabbit gets many hippity-humping, but there are drawbacks Samantha didn’t mention. Revolving penetration combined with clitoral vibration gets many a back leg thumping, but it can be an overstimulating, Elmer Fudd dud for others. If it doesn’t get your shotgun firing, take advantage of the separate controls that allow you to experience one without the other. And don’t pay extra for rotating pearls. The inner two-thirds of the vagina, where the pearls reach, responds to pressure and friction, not subtly rotating beads. (They’re also prone to get stuck in the toy’s gears).

The Rabbit’s sparkly elastomer material may look and feel nice, but it’s also porous, so it holds onto a little bit of everything it touches, much like a sponge. Though it’s advisable to wash it with soap and water, it’s also recommended to put a condom over the insertable shaft of the toy (even if you’re the only one using it) so as not to reintroduce potentially harmful particles into your body. That’s especially important if you plan to share!

If you’re not a latex-lover, opt for silicone rabbit-style vibes like the Rosebud, which brings you the same twice-as-nice design in a non-porous material that’s easily disinfected with soap and water.

Water bunnies will appreciate wascally waterproof wabbits like the Aqua Rabbit or iRabbit. Aqua gets back to basics with a bendable (instead of a rotating) shaft for more customized G-spot curvature while the iRabbit mixes things up with a variety of shaft-swiveling settings.

If the original Rabbit isn’t quite svelte enough, downsize with the Flirty G or Butterfly Kiss vibrators, which both have smaller insertable shafts (and pricetags) for a gentler twice-as-nice approach and beginner accessibility.

Make your favorite bullet vibrator all-ears with the affordable Bunny Sleeve which easily transforms your little buzzer into a clit-fluttering friend without the penetration. For those who enjoy a walk down the bunny-trail-less-traveled, get the smaller, anal-safe Bullet Bunny. Diversify your cast of adorable, orgasmic, woodland creatures with Bullet Buddies, discreet one-speed clitoral vibes that are disguised as monkeys, caterpillars and other cuties.

Show your love for real rabbits with the eco-friendly Vanity Vr10 Bunny which is made from easy-to-clean silicone, fully rechargeable and specifically designed to titillate more of your terrain with extra-long ears and a thicker, longer shaft. To get eco-friendly fun without the precious bunny fluff, opt for JimmyJane’s Form 2. A sophisticated version of the popular rabbit ears, this rechargeable silicone toy has a two-pronged design that hugs the clitoris with a variety of strong vibration patterns, bringing you the best of the bunny without the smiling face some could do without.

Samantha may have had sex and the city, but we Valley dwellers have got sex and the country—and we all know that’s where the real rabbit action happens. So hop to it!

Yana Tallon-Hicks

Author: Yana Tallon-Hicks

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