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I wouldn’t dare call JimmyJane’s Form Series “toys.” Sure, technically they’re sex toys. But when JimmyJane’s ( founder Ethan Imboden and designer Yves B?har knocked the mental boots, an entirely different sexcessory was born.

It’s like a luxury hybrid car, an iPad or a New York City loft: you’re not really living 2011—nor are you really that chic—if you’re not getting off with a Form. If words like “sophisticated,” “architectural” or “aesthetics” are included in your dirty talk, you may get off just looking at the Form. With a high level of sleek design and a sexy silhouette, the Form series (including Forms 2, 3, 4 and 6) brings a refined elegance to the layer of the sex toy world which, like you, wouldn’t be caught dead in that seedy shop in the alley.

If you, like myself, are more of a four-letter word exclaimer with a soft spot for the seedy shops, don’t worry—the Forms are, naturally, also paired with no-frillls function. Easy-to-use buttons control multiple speeds, vibration intensities and patterns for countless combinations. Eco-friendly Forms are the only high-end toys to be simultaneously waterproof and rechargeable, and their heavier price tags are justified by a three-year warranty. They’re also body-safe, with seamless controls and non-porous silicone that’s easily cleaned with soap and water.

If you’re already feeling re-Formed, the only question is—which Form will flawlessly fit your form? The first Form to be formed was actually the Form 6 ($185), named for its six vibration modes, six speeds and, weirdly, five intensity levels. Either end of 6’s shaft is insertable and each features its own powerful motor that’s independently powered for maximum customization and versatility. One end is a smaller, curved bulb while the other is thicker with a slighter curve, allowing you different penetration options that are primed for G-spot stimulation.

The Form 6’s mass appeal led to JimmyJane’s “Pleasure to the People” campaign which started with the Form 2 ($135). A sophisticated version of the popular Rabbit vibrator, 2’s cotton-tailed inspiration resulted in a two-pronged design that hugs the clitoris (or other external sensitive spot) for what JimmyJane calls “sensation in stereo.”

And, boy, does this stereo crank up the volume. When a Form 2 happened to hop into my own basket this Easter, I foolishly underestimated this cutesy vibe that fit easily into my palm. Known around the JimmyJane studios as “Little Perky,” the powerful punch this petite perkster packs shows no mercy between its ears (or your legs), inspiring the aforementioned four-letter words that are far from c-u-t-e but feel d-a-m-n g-o-o-d.

The Form 3 ($145) keeps the titillating technology advancing with an egg-like shape and a round base that extends into a slim, flexible pad. It’s ergonomically designed, and when the base is cupped in your palm, the pad acts like a vibrating second skin to your fingers. This genius of a finger-pad yields to the pressure of your fingertips, putting you in touch with the body, preventing the clumsy guesswork many complain about when using toys with partners. Bend the flexible pad’s edges together lengthwise to form a little vibrating taco perfect for caressing clits, penises and nipples, or envelope things with two, making a tasty naughty-bits sandwich on Form 3 bread. Yum!

The newly released Form 4 ($145) is the last installment to bring pleasure to the people. A round head and a short shaft make this insertable toy a real G-spot hitter. Flexible but not flimsy, 4 customizes to your curves without caving under internal pressure. Best of all, an oversized motor will have Hitachi Magic Wand lovers rejoicing over a compact, cordless, rechargeable vibrator that numbed out my hand on even the lowest setting, so 4 is sure to coax out even the most stubborn orgasm.

Whether your sex toy taste is unFormed, in rare Form or free-Form, you’re sure to find a Formidable friend in the Forms. Stay inFormed at where you can find video demos, reviews and purchasing details.

Yanna Tallon-Hicks

Author: Yanna Tallon-Hicks

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