apocalypstick, anyone?

So my friend Molly posted a video from Almie Rose, aka, Apocalypstick, on Facebook. Then I found myself watching all her videos and reading her blog. Here’s a blog post on being hit on that I thought was swell. The content is nothing new, but her tone, her details, her lil parenthetical asides, I dug ’em.

As for the videos,, well, I enjoyed them a lot too, had to watch ’em all, in fact, but like Kicesie, I’m guessing it’s a like it or despise it kinda thing (not to say “love/hate) “that can probably be dissected demographically pretty simply. A lot of people in the “like” column will be women 16-24 and men of all ages, but especially men 30+.(oh, and maybe some boys under 18 too). A whole lot of the “despise”ers will be women 30+. Am I wrong? Shall we take a casual poll of “like” vs. “despise” or, to be more scientific, how about just “like/dislike” not “despise”?

I’m talkin’ ’bout Almie Rose’s videos (link up top there), not the blog. Let the voting begin. Be honest now, with yourself and with us. “Like” or “dislike” and your age and gender. Of course, geographic info will play heavily into this, seeing as many of you reading this (heck, maybe nearly the whole dozen or so of y’all) are left-leaning residents of our Happy Valley), but still . . . .

Author: Masculinity and Its Discontents

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