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The latest women’s fitness craze doesn’t involve a liquid diet or counting calories and isn’t endorsed by Kim Kardashian. It doesn’t come in a bottle or a portion-controlled box, but it definitely comes. Well, at least you do.

The organic cardio exercise we get during sex is a great justification to have more of it. But the sexual pleasure many women get from their regular gym workout is an even better motivator to get fit, thanks to the “coregasm.” The “coregasm” is an orgasm that sneaks up on some women during workouts. While not a new phenomenon, it has recently been recognized by fitness magazines.

While the recent “discovery” of the coregasm gives many ladies a whole new reason to hit the gym, veteran coregasmers everywhere are breathing a huge sigh of relief—so that’s what that is! No, you’re not secretly attracted to your fitness instructor, turned on by sweatbands or realllly excited about finally hitting 50 crunches—your body is naturally responding to chemical release and pelvic floor contractions.

Fittingly named, the coregasm occurs most frequently during multiple reps of core-focused exercises. Hanging leg raises, single leg planks, medicine ball blasts and a variety of crunches are all named in http://www.womenshealthmag.com’s article “Moves to Make You Coregasm” as coregasmic favorites. But any move that engages your core and specifically tightens the leg muscles has the potential to provide you with some surprise sexercise.

When women work out their core, the muscles spanning the pelvic floor that are largely responsible for our orgasmic contractions are directly stimulated, which can trigger quite the chain reaction. Furthermore, physical exercise releases endorphins and dopamine that also course through our bodies during sex. These chemical combustibles combined with the leg tension many women (knowingly or unknowingly) require to physically release orgasm can indirectly stimulate the clitoris in unexpected, sometimes inconvenient ways.

If you’re an exercising exhibitionist, some top-secret gym-Os will ensure a six-pack in no time. Seeing as everyone at the gym is already flushed, sweating and, if you’re surrounded by those ‘roid-ragin’ beefcakes clad in American flag wrestler spandex that yell every time they lift a barbell, your coregasmic reactions will easily go unnoticed. However, if you actually want to work out or surpass the amount of reps it takes to bring you to coregasm, scoring a little P.E. extra credit can be downright annoying.

For many, a coregasm can be unwanted, embarrassing and distracting. Not to mention, coregasms encourage improper exercise form says Debby Herbenick, an Indiana University sex researcher and Men’s Health columnist. A stickler for functional fitness (or maybe she’s just incoregasmically jealous), this PhD. thinks coregasms should stay at home! “If an orgasm just happens to occur while using good form, that may be an added bonus,” she tells Men’s Health, “but I would advise women not to pursue an orgasm at the expense of proper form. After all, they can always enjoy orgasms later on at home or in the shower.” Tsk. Tsk.

If you’re a sexercise rebel who wants to throw formulaic caution to the winds but has yet to experience the now-trendy coregasm, work on your pelvic floor muscles. The stronger these babies are, the more likely you are to climaximize your gym time. Betty’s Barbell and Luna Beads (see “PC Pilates,” September 23, 2010 ) are both easy ways to tone the crucial vaginal muscles that, when fit, can lead to stronger orgasms, a tighter vaginal canal and later-life incontinence prevention.

If you’d rather obey Dr. Herbenick’s orders, bring your coregasmic workout into the bedroom! Install a door-frame pull-up bar for some hanging leg-lift positioning, curl and point the toes during sex to bring extra tension to the legs, or, hell, drop and give me fifty before jumping in the sack.

Love ’em or hate ’em, the coregasm certainly makes the gym more interesting and finally, finally explains why Olivia Newton John traded in Grease’s sexy leather jumpsuit for ugly neon spandex and sweatbands. If I were coregasmic, I’d want to get physical, too.

Yana Tallon-Hicks

Author: Yana Tallon-Hicks

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