The Blue Jean Committee brings Paradise City vibe to SNL

Well isn’t life just sometimes like a nice kick in the face?

Though freshly back from a well-needed Thanksgiving vacation in Texas, the Northeast Underground may have to curtail any and all future travel plans for the time being.

Yes Virginia, spark plugs can eject themselves from your car engine while you’re driving on the highway. The little buggers make a hell of a racket when they do so too. But I digress…

As reported by the kind folks over at, the Paradise City received quite the boost in publicity during the Underground’s recent absence. While already no stranger to national television exposure, the city of Northampton was mentioned and mocked on the popular program/ cultural institution Saturday Night Live during a sketch with guest host and actor Jason Segel on November 19.

Featuring the talents of “local boys made good” the Blue Jean Committee at fictional venue the Empty Glass, the skit included not only singing but also an appearance by the Muppets as well as plenty of denim and nods to the joy of sipping cinnamon beer on a “Massachusetts Afternoon.”

Watch the Blue Jean Committee in action here:

Though reaction to the spoof has been mixed across the Pioneer Valley so far, more than a few details in the work appeared spot on, almost like someone at the SNL offices had inside knowledge of life in our little corner of Western Mass. However if that fact is true, no one’s talking.

So until more details emerge, maybe we could all take a lesson from the Blue Jean Committee and relax on our porches with a seasonal beverage or catch a game of pool with Old Man Jones.

Just be on the lookout for a 6-foot woman named Lucia. I hear she has a great set of Northampton legs. Whatever that means.

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Author: Michael Cimaomo

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