Magical Memories: Emily Hartwell and Andy Gaylord

I think there is a misconception that weddings are just about the love between two people. In reality, they are about the couple’s love, their families and their friends. When Andy and I got married on September 17th at Lake Wyola, we were excited to celebrate with all our soulmates, not just each other. These people were the ones who have laughed and cried with us, put trust in us, and whom we have depended on and been supported by. Walking down the aisle was and is an exceptional experience. The only thing between you and the person you’re about to commit to are the people who are sending you so much good energy that you can feel it in every step.

My godmother, the officiant, closed the ceremony by saying, “Andy and Emily will embark on their new journey…in that boat.” We rowed away from the ceremony after my sister and new sister-in-law ran over and adorned us with a life preserver decorated with flowers and ribbons. While I wasn’t thrilled about the risk factor of an expensive dress and the potential for a short drop into lake water, it gave Andy and me five minutes to appreciate the fact that we were married. He was my husband and I was his wife. Our marriage started out on a happy note since neither myself nor my dress got drenched.

Our reception was everything we wanted it to be: no frills, lots of dancing to cheesy ‘nineties music, and really good food and beer. And of course, all the loves of our life in one room celebrating the love between a whole lot of people.

Author: Emily Hartwell and Andy Gaylord

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