File Under “Spoke Too Soon.”

This poll states that a staggering 43% of Americans think that nauseating attention seeker/NFL Quarterback Tim Tebow owes his “success” to Divine Intervention.

No matter where your religious beliefs lie, this has to be seen as another absurdity in Tebow’s already absurd reign as a flavor of the month. Were I Christian, I would be revolted at the concept of an NFL Quarterback being anointed this elite status in God’s eyes. Wouldn’t He prefer to intervene on, you know, important things like world hunger, war, AIDS, jackasses who cut you off in traffic? Probably wouldn’t be so concerned about the outcomes of games on any given Sunday.

Not if you ask 43% of Americans. It usually helps when the article is dated days before Tebow and The Denver Broncos were pantsed on national television to the tune of 45-10 by your New England Patriots.

Author: Affluent White Male

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