Blogger Nolan Whyte returns with new Ultimate-Guitar tale – “I Sing When You Shut Up.”

Nolan WhyteOkay, this post is about seven weeks too late. But I’m happy to announce that one of my favorite music fiction authors has returned to action. Writer, blogger and self-proclaimed rock legend Nolan Whyte is back on with a new weekly series entitled “I Sing When You Shut Up.” Check out part one of the new saga here, and be sure to check back every Friday for additional chapters.

First debuting on the popular music-instruction site back on February 17, the story (so far) focuses on the troubles and trials of music writer Nate and his attempts to interact professionally with both his ex-girlfriend (who now plays in a band) and his upstairs aging rock star neighbor Terry (who many Whyte fans will recognize from his role in the previous serial novel “Comeback Road”).

While Whyte previously announced in January 2011 that he would be taking an extended hiatus from writing about music to focus on other projects, his break thankfully appears to be over. And judging from the wealth of positive reader reactions to his new work, the onset of fresh material couldn’t have come soon enough. “I Sing When You Shut Up” is after all the fourth complete novel Whyte has authored for, and many fans (this writer included) eagerly await the chapters to come.

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Author: Michael Cimaomo

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