The Tuesday Three

I am definitely having a little grass-is-greener moment here. Pretty sure another word for this is burnout. Plus, some solo parent time this week while the dear husband goes off on some work trips this week has me in a state of anticipatory anxiety about the logistics, the bedtimes, and the wakeups. Other than that, I’m great!

Before I get to the Tuesday Three, I will share three good things: one, I don’t often write a blog post I wish could stay up and get more reads and go one for a long time, but the last one is one of those (about babies but really people and the power of observation).

Two, although the grind to reach the end of the school year has its moments (many, promise) there was ricotta making followed by ravioli making that revealed the eighth grader’s perseverance. He surprises us sometimes when this particular blend of stubbornness meets a project he’s determined to complete and pasta making may be the best example to date. His younger brother didn’t like the long book he was reading for his book report (sadly, Harriet the Spy) and was convinced (not so sure rightly) to make a last-hour switch to Pee-Wee’s Tale. He breezed through the book and grinned ear-to-ear it’d be an easy book report to write. Then, he stalled. It was too short and he didn’t like this book, either. He put it off and put it off—until he decided to do it. And like the Nike commercial, he just… did. He was determined and once he could see that he’d finish, he began to relax into the process. I can’t say he loved writing book reports in third grade and I can say he’d tell you he prefers picture books, but he figured out how to move through the process and there you have it. I am super proud of him.

Lastly, even though we have felt stressed, the dear husband and I continue to find ourselves on the same page at day’s frazzled end. It’s pretty obvious, but when you’re in a hard period you’re going to feel much better if your spouse and you are in it together. It’s true, though and I’m grateful. Misery does love company. Misery does not need more misery. Marriage, even when there’s duress to be under, when it’s working, is pretty wondrous. Sure, we feel a little like harried parents wishing to be star-crossed lovers. This at least beats not wishing (cue weak smile).


Here are three good clicks for you (or three subjects, more clicks):

Innovation and common sense will pair up to save us, as much as anything in terms of the planet. I loved both the story of greener roofs in New York and a green roof in New Orleans, atop a supermarket. When you realize things can get better roof-by-roof, you feel just a bit hopeful. And to invoke my little girl, you want to utter a big, loud, overemphasized, “Du-uh!”

I am a fan of picture books, no secret about that and an admirer of what Anita Silvey has done with her Children’s Book a Day Almanac. She highlighted a book about Amelia Bloomer, You Forgot Your Skirt Amelia Bloomer, this past week and included a link to the Amelia Bloomer Project. The project is this: compile an annual list of the best feminist books for young readers birth to 18. How can I not heart this? I want every single librarian, teacher and parent to know about it.

Lastly, I stumbled back upon this essay about how quirky movies about unlikely happy endings or happier than should be endings and unexpected pregnancy skew a person’s expectations about how telling a new boyfriend you’re the one who’s knocked up will go. It’s a pretty sweet essay. I can use a reminder of sweet, so I am sharing it.


Bonus image is of peonies (these from Old Friends Farm at last Tuesday Market). I love those floozies, the peonies, when they let their petals down. Because the three-day weekend brings us right to Tuesday, I am definitely sure a good thing from this coming week will be my very first attempt at strawberry jam. It’s safe to say I’ve been waiting for this moment since August.

Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser

Author: Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser

Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser's work has appeared on the New York Times, Salon, and the Manifest Station amongst other places. Find her on Twitter @standshadows

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