Uneven electronica: Lindstrom and Mouse On Mars craft new releases

Lindstrom Lindstrom

Six Cups of Rebel

(Smalltown Supersound)

Though popularly known for his barrage of remixes and 12” singles, Norwegian electronic artist Hans-Peter Lindstrom shoots for the stars on his fourth solo album. And inevitably, many listeners may find the end result comes up a bit short. Opening with the bombastic “No Release” featuring several minutes of spiraling cathedral organ,” the record quickly transitions to “De Javu” with lyrics concerning “that feeling that you’ve been here before.” Interestingly, the inclusion of vocals on the track is a first for the Nordic producer and remains a decision he came to amidst “mixed feelings.” Still, less a lyricist and more a singer interested in repeating mantras, Lindstrom’s falsetto brings a unique flavor to the otherwise forgettable “Magik.” While cited influences like Deep Purple and Bach are not always evident, the down-tuned guitars and ‘80s ambiance of “Quiet Place to Live” prove the “family man” may yet reach what he’s aiming for.

Listen to the track “Quiet Place To Live” by Lindstrom here:

Mouse On Mars Mouse On Mars



On their first full-length studio release in six years, German electronic artists Jan St. Warner and Andi Toma craft an uneven album’s worth of chaotic samples and ambient soundscapes. According to press materials accompanying the disc, the record is “crammed with ideas, exuberance and sheer kinetic energy.” Unfortunately, most tracks suffer from sheer musical overload. The cut “Chordblocker, Cinnamon Toasted” features repeated samples of a voice saying the phrase “cinnamon toast crunch” over icy synth chords and a buzzing reminiscent of a malfunctioning laptop. Elsewhere, “Metrotopy” includes a recording of what appears to be a nail-gun pounding away over skittering eight-bit beats. Thankfully the album’s pace slows around the halfway point, giving songs a chance to breathe and show hidden depths. However with a sharp uptake in speed, the disc ends with a rush on “Seaqz,” which ratchets up in tension before expiring like a countdown clock on doomsday.

Watch the video for “Polaroyced” by Mouse On Mars here:

For more information on Lindstrom and Mouse On Mars please visit http://www.facebook.com/hplindstrom and http://www.mouseonmars.com/.

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Author: Michael Cimaomo

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