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Weekend update dates me. But here’s a mini-one anyway. On Saturday, we didn’t do all that much. With the little girl and the younger teen I walked to town for lemons and treats. There was a rushed co-op stop with the younger teen later in the day. I made eight jars of jam. There was a lovely visit with our friends Rachel and Joshua. Saskia and Joshua only made the car alarm go off once. Meantime, they traveled by van somewhere awesome. They hopscotched. Joshua endured many goodbye hugs and kisses. I spent an hour on my elliptical and have the second half of the Grey’s Anatomy finale ahead of me, which is enough to make me try to work out today rather than tomorrow.

I decided that if this summer involves a lot more of this, I am okay with it. More than okay, even. Please feel free to guffaw, disagree and remind me later with an I-told-you-so. Call this my gearing for summer moment, shoring up all that is good about downtime.

My dear husband suggested I spend some time working at his office when he’s not there. I think that’s what’s freed me to imagine friends, jamming, and more air-conditioner action than I might feel wholly keen on.

If you come to my house and hang out when I’m jamming, you do leave with a jar of jam.


Meantime, one friend was sick so her son spent the night then another friend of Rem’s called hoping for a sleepover. Voila, a fantastic evening for three boys. And it called to my attention one of my greatest feats as a mother: on the third Pokemon-obsessed child, I still know nothing about Pokemon. Well, almost nothing. I know that the kids spend hours and hours trading, playing and talking about it. I hope Pokemon is a major feature of my boy’s summer.

Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser

Author: Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser

Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser's work has appeared on the New York Times, Salon, and the Manifest Station amongst other places. Find her on Twitter @standshadows

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