Behind the Beat: Three-Horned Rock

Though their new project is only a few months old, the musicians of Trhinoceros have all played in the area for years.

Ryan Crowley (guitar, vocals) has performed with, among others, Super Happy Wicked Awesome Fun Time, Azwan and the Savages and World’s Greatest Dad. Steve Yarbo (keyboard) is a founding member of the popular Northampton group The Primate Fiasco. Matt Fuller (bass) worked with past Grand Band Slam winner The Devil’s Moses. And Dave Keating (drums) has kept time for The Drunk Stuntmen, Big Ugly Wrench and Angry Johnny and the Killbillies.

Now, after initially joining forces for this year’s Happy Valley Showdown at the Basement, the guys are ready to turn their brand of “trhino rock” loose on the rest of Western Massachusetts. But just what is a Trhinoceros anyway?

Crowley says, “There was this strange glass sculpture that looked like three-horned rhino, so I made a joke and it seemed to stick. But Trhinoceros to me means an elusive thing that can never be, yet exists in thought and the invisible waves of sound.”

Speaking of sound, Crowley describes a typical Trhinoceros show as consisting of “high energy, big sounds and sweet, sweet melodies.” How the group creates such material, however, is up for debate.

“I write an outline for a song, then we get together and fill it out with input from everyone,” Crowley says. “Then I do whatever I want.”

Since Trhinoceros’ members have played in so many bands in the Pioneer Valley, it’s only natural, perhaps, that they list bands like Smack My Bishop, The Problemaddicts, Fields of Gaffney and more as some of their favorite colleagues to share the stage with. When asked to list their inspirations, the group cites such diverse individuals as Admiral Akbar, comedian Jerry Seinfield and astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

While this list shouldn’t be that surprising coming from a group that lists its hometown as “Northampton, Mass., Earth, Sol System, The Milky Way,” audiences may have to wish upon a star before expecting an album to come through the pipeline.

Trhinoceros is content to take its career slowly. In fact, the band only plans to record a demo in the next month or so. But for those wanting to see the band live, the wait might be even shorter.

“I just opened up the Thursday music series at Hinge in Northampton, and we’re looking forward to having the full band at the next performance,” says Crowley.

Author: Michael Cimaomo

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