The Fancy Lad

The past few days have held two events dubbed “the day Romney lost the election.” First he lied and looked like a boor about the Middle East crisis, then we got the new video in which he misleadingly dubs the people who weren’t, at one point, paying income tax (but who were, in many cases, playing payroll and other taxes) as a bunch of welfare state leeches who want to take all your stuff from you and are also the 47% of solid Obama support.

These “day Romney crashed” analysts have their jobs cut out for them–already, a second video excerpt is percolating, one in which he says the Palestinians don’t want peace. All this will be sweet music to the ears of the most rabid of the right wing, but is indeed likely to crystallize Romney’s reputation as a totally out-of-touch rich boy who made his way through the connections his social position offered and thinks everyone else can do the same.

If Romney loses–and a lot can happen between now and November, so don’t count those chickens before they vote–it may be hard to pinpoint his worst day, because he has so darned many. Remember his telling NASCAR fans he had friends who owned racing teams?

So what I really want to know is what’s next. Will video emerge of Romney shooting with the family dog tied to the clay pigeon? Will a tape show up of Romney lording it over an assembly of private school bullies while resting his cognac on the back of a Nepalese manservant? Maybe an audition reel for the role of a “Fancy Lad” in Cabin Boy?

This is shaping up to be a very entertaining couple of months.

James Heflin

Author: James Heflin

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