Grand Band Slam 2012: The Winners

The Alchemystics

Demse Zullo (drums, percussion), Force (vocals), Ras Jahn (vocals), Jay Metcalf (keyboards), Ian-I (vocals, guitar), Matthew King (percussion, back ground vocals), David Rivera ( bass)

“Against a percussive backbeat The Alchemystics mix hip-hop, reggae and soul music, combined with sweet vocal harmonies delivering an optimistic message all based in the universal concept of rhythm and groove.”

Triple X

Gina Andia (lead vocals), John LaValley (guitar and backing vocals), Dave Hall (guitar and backing vocals), Billy Palmer (drums and backing vocals), Jake Torrey (bass and backing vocals)

“Triple X is a cover band that specializes in the ’80s hair band/heavy metal scene, but is not constrained to that genre. At any given time you may hear XXX rip into Halestorm, Pat Benatar or even Pink. No genre is sacred! … At any time you may see our singer dropping down from the ceiling or floating on a cross—we try to re-create the “Arena” rock show in the local clubs.”

Trailer Trash

Joe Fazio (lead vocals, guitar), Jeff DeCarli (keyboards, banjo, violin, vocals), Jim Stanek (drums), Jim Stafilarakis (bass, vocals), Bob Stanek (guitar, vocals)

“Trailer Trash plays today’s most popular music, with an aggressive and fun attitude. … Infectious hooks, grooves cut so deep they would keep a locomotive on track—call [us] trail blazers, but doing today’s ‘country’ in ‘rock’ clubs is something that has never been done before.”


Kwame Nyarko (vocals, percussion), Jason Mosall (trumpet), Dave Moses (saxophones, vocals), Keith Laudieri (drums, vocals), Jason Moses (trombone, keyboard, percussion, vocals), Wendell (bass, vocals), Nick D’Amico (guitar), Colin Ward (guitar), Tim Bowman (congas, percussion) with frequent guest appearances by Jamemurrell Stanley (percussion) and Heath DeAngelo Nieves (trumpet, saxophones)

“We are a collective of musicians who’ve come together to write and perform a unique blend of jazz/funk with a West African undertone and a conscious political message.”

Goat Boy

Click here for a profile of the band.

Jeff Bujak

Bandmembers for studio: Jeff Bujak
Bandmembers for live performances: Jeff Bujak (music), Jen Dulong (lighting design)

“My music is simply something different. I have released 22 albums over the six years I’ve been recording my solo creations, including original studio tracks, remix tracks and live recordings, so my sound and even genre have changed over the span. I am an experimental music producer … who creates instrumental songs centered around classical composition, progressive rock and dance music. My studio tracks are layered with ideas and trimmed and perfected for release, while my live tracks are created at once, on one take.”

Donut Kings

Click here for a profile of the band.


Chris Wardlaw (vocals, guitar), Dana Kendall (drums), Lucas Kendall (bass, vocals)

“Whirl is dark rock, sludge punk, turnt up, so bad, harsh killa, noise eater.”

Katelyn Richards

Click here for a profile of the this artist.


Anthony Whalen (lead vocals), Mike Abdow (guitar, vocals), David Ward (guitar), Rick Thompson (keyboards,vocals), Matthew Macri (bass guitar, vocals), Edmond H. Dupont III (drums)

“An accurate reproduction of the hair band, ’80s arena rock era.”

The Primate Fiasco

Chris Trevethan (drums), Steve Yarbro (clarinet), J. Witbeck (Sousaphone), Jeff Fennell (sax), Dave Dello Russo (banjo, vocals)

“[We play] brasstronica. Pretty much anything but Americana/folk.”

And the Kids
New Band

Click here for a profile of the band.

Hannah Mohan (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, electric ukelele), Paul Gelineau (lead guitar, vocals, shaker, tambourine), Lucas Averill (bass, vocals), Megan Miller (melodic percussion), Rebecca Lasaponaro (drums)

“We describe our music as youthful, rowdy, quiet, then suddenly loud, then quiet again.”

Performance DJ

Wildcat O’Halloran Band

Wildcat O’Halloran (guitar, vocals), Nate “Lightning Boy” Dana (guitar and vocals), Gene Lavoie (bass, vocals), John Kokosyma (drums), sometimes the Harp Girl Singers and a guest harmonica player for bigger shows. The new CD also features The Primate Fiasco Horns and other guests.

“We’re not your father’s blues band.”

Jamie Kent & The Options

Jamie Kent (lead vocals, acoustic guitar, ukulele), Rhees Williams (upright and electric bass, backing vocals), Dan Holmes (drum set, cajon, backing vocals), Killian Karlsson (electric/acoustic guitar, banjo), Zack Cross (keys and accordion)

“We consider ourselves ‘funky folk rock.'”

Outer Stylie

Nate Martel (guitar, vocals), Tom Schack (bass), Kyle Heon (drums), John Duffy (guitar)

“Our music is really a fusion of many styles, metal definitely being one, but progressive, psychedelic, and experimental rock are heavily drawn upon as well. I think we ended up being in a few different categories … because we play so many different styles of music while meshing them together into a heavy psychedelic experience.”

Zoë Darrow and the Fiddleheads

Zoë Darrow (fiddle), Tom Coburn (piano), Phil Darrow (guitar)

“Zoë Darrow and the Fiddleheads play traditional Irish, Scottish, and Cape Breton style fiddle tunes. Based in the Highlands of Western Massachusetts, the band has been entertaining audiences in New England and beyond since 1999.”

Bennie the Bucket Man
Street Musician

Bennie Johnson (vocals, bucket)

Johnson, a fixture on many a local stretch of sidewalk, can be a tough guy to find, but once you do, his smooth-voiced R&B stylings and bucket-fueled rhythms provide a perfect soundtrack for walking down Main Street.

Danny Pease and the Regulators

Kenn Kosiba (vocals), Luis Perez (vocals), Dan Pease (guitar), Jeff Katz (guitar), Jake Curran (bass), Joe Grenier (percussion), Matt Penza (drums)

“We usually describe ourselves as ‘dirty punk reggae,’ but we enjoy blending styles of ska, hip-pop, rock and reggae into a delicious groove.”

Author: Advocate staff

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