Oh, dear.

So after reading this report by MassLive’s Greg Saulmon, on arch-conservative minister Scott Lively’s suggestion that perhaps God caused last week’s strip club explosion as a form of punishment for wickedness, I feel compelled to say that this recent blog post I wrote was just a joke.

Really, I don’t think Springfield residents are sinners in the hands of an angry God, dangling over the fiery pits of hell. It was just humor, see? Heh-heh. Really, if God didn’t unleash a few plagues on the city back in the days when housing authority employees were stealing quarters out of the washing machines in apartment complexes for the elderly, why would He start doling out the vengeance now?

Although I still maintain that there’s something patently yucky about a strip club located next to a day-care center.

On a side note: could Saulmon be any more thoughtful and gentlemanly in his responses to the readers who are upset at him for covering Lively’s comments? I’m not sure which I enjoy more: Saulmon’s unfailingly menschy replies, or his colleague Stephanie Barry’s wry, get-over-it-it’s-newsworthy ones.

Author: On Springfield

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