I Can't Do It All

Just for kicks (and because I can’t stop my mind from racing about all the things I have to get done), I thought I’d make a list of everything I have to do in the next two weeks.

  • Finish taxes (yearly receipts for clients, add up income, hours, and meals served, go through receipts and add up supplies, screw owning a business whose idea was this)
  • Meet with my kid’s soccer association board members (eight of them) and create an interactive document with their organization structure, duties, and calendar of events
  • Make Easter happen
  • Prepare class I’m teaching for child care providers
  • Plan getaway weekend with Grammy
  • Interview clients for next school year when I lose half my day care kids
  • Pack for spring break camping trip in which we take all our camping supplies in three giant wheeled bags onto a plane (plus one small bag of clothes per person – whose idea was that)
  • Get costume for son’s play
  • Rehearse for son’s play
  • Shop for son’s extracurricular project and build a lemur habitat (of course)
  • Write a blog post for the Advocate
  • Soccer game in three hours
  • Raise two children and work fifty hours per week caring for six others

And instead of doing any of those things, I’m sitting here listing them all, worrying about how I’ll get them all done, and dinking around on Facebook. God bless mothers, every one.

Author: Sitting On The Baby

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