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Anti-Global Warming Project Needs Support

In recognition of Earth Month, we here at IMAGES Inc. are sending our project, the pilot for the television series The Harmony of Being, to Kickstarter.com for crowdfunding.

The purpose of our series is to attract attention from the deniers, disbelievers and the apathetic among us. We want these people to start taking conservation and the protection of our environment, especially the reality of global warming, seriously. We would like this beautiful and unique series to air nationally on PBS.

The series is one half of the educational package The Harmony of Being. The other half is a website that provides a comprehensive and integrated guide to conservation and protection of all species and habitats, local, national and international, as well as information that defines and offers solutions to the most pressing and elusive problem of the 21st century, global warming.

In everything that is written about global warming, it is made very clear that no progress can occur without societal change of thought and behavior. We all have many cares and concerns in this life. Reducing our carbon footprint needs to be an integral part of man’s responsibility to our current life and to future generations.

As Kickstarter.com is a crowdfunding platform, we need your help to spread the word. We have launched on April 17, 2013 for 30 days. Please check us out on Kickstarter.com, consider backing us and spreading the word of our endeavor to your friends.

You are a voice for the planet with your actions! Thank you very much.

Marion Judd, producer


Raise Tobacco Tax to Save Young People From Addiction

We are writing in support of Governor Patrick’s proposed $1.00 cigarette tax increase, a proposal that also includes closing the loophole in the way other tobacco products, including those aggressively marketed to youth, are taxed.

The Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids estimates that a $1.00 increase to the tobacco tax would save more than 27,000 young people from a lifetime of addiction to tobacco. That’s because when the price of tobacco goes up, it becomes less appealing to young people.

Tobacco price increases, usually accomplished in the form of taxes, are a key strategy to decrease tobacco use among youth, according to the Surgeon General. It’s time to use this prevention strategy again.

The last increase to Massachusetts’ cigarette tax was $1.00 in 2008 and the last tax increase on other tobacco products was a decade ago, in 2002. Of all states bordering Massachusetts, only New Hampshire has a lower cigarette tax.

The Hampshire Council of Governments houses the Tobacco Free Community Partnership (TFCP), funded by the Massachusetts Cessation and Prevention Program, Community Partnerships. The program serves as a resource—for local coalitions, health and human service agencies, municipalities and workplaces—on tobacco intervention.

We have a responsibility to help prevent our young people from starting to smoke. An increase in the price of tobacco products would help to achieve this goal.

William R. Barnett, Chairman


Yes, Nukes Need Radiation Filters

This is the Windscale lesson unlearned.

It was a known issue decades before Fukushima (“A ‘Fukushima Lesson Unlearned,’ April 4, 2013).

The filters at Windscale [a nuclear reactor site in Cumbria, England, dating from the late 1940s] were known as Cockroft’s folly until they saved the whole area from radiation spread when the core caught on fire.

So many lessons unlearned over and over again.

Author: Our Readers

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