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Quite the bodycount of innocents killed in the past few days around the world, including in our own horrible events. Here’s the beginning of the list:


Syrian warplanes swooped over the quiet town of Saraqeb in the country’s north Saturday, dropping bombs on a residential district. The blasts shattered storefronts, set cars ablaze and sent huge plumes of smoke into the sky. Rubble and twisted metal littered the street after the airstrikes, which left 20 dead. Harrowing images like those have become routine for those watching the Syrian civil war unfold. Activists say an average of 120 people get killed daily in violence and clashes across the country.

‘‘In Syria, it’s not Boston every day, but many times per day,’’ posted Jean Pierre Duthion, a French expatriate in Damascus who has Tweeted the war.


A bloody assault across Iraq began around an hour after sunrise Monday in the western city of Fallujah when a suicide bomber drove an explosives-packed car into a police checkpoint. Over the next several hours, attackers would detonate more than 20 sets of explosives, most of them car bombs. By the time it was all over — shortly before the Boston bombs struck — 55 people were dead and well over 200 were wounded. No one has claimed responsibility, but the highly coordinated attack bore the hallmarks of a resurgent al-Qaida in Iraq and appeared aimed at sowing fear days before the first elections since U.S. troops withdrew.

Ali al-Moussawi, a spokesman for Iraq’s prime minister, condemned the Boston attacks and said Iraq ‘‘calls on the world to unite and fight terrorism that targets innocents everywhere.’’

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Author: James Heflin

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