Where the Christmas decorations went

Some weird stuff:

1) Google Earth offers some unwitting insight into William Gibson. Namely, the idea of experiencing/manipulating computer code as if it were an object. It never makes a whole lot of sense to read, in science fiction, of people manipulating code visually and virtually as if it were a stack of bricks. Granted, that kind of meta-programming trend is more common now, but still not akin to hammering together a tooldshed, as it sometimes appears in SF.

But Clement Valla has discovered, at the edges of what Google Earth can adequately/accurately render, sort of the reverse number. It seems that the “mistakes” he and others have found are reflections of how the database works and how it renders a virtual world. Though it’s not, perhaps, a subject that will hold most folks’ attention nearly so long as Valla’s (he’s got an entire essay exploring this in rather heady terms here), it’s certainly intriguing to see the convergence of “real world” and computing he loves.

2) Under a temple complex in Mexico, robot explorers have uncovered a trove of faux-gold balls of various diameters, placed there and sealed off.

Say the archaeologists, “We literally have like no idea.” (Paraphrasing, but barely.)

3) David Lynch really ought to clean up his movie sets before he departs.

James Heflin

Author: James Heflin

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