Great “We Are Trayvon” Ebony Cover of Celtics Nemesis D Wade

As a diehard Celtics fan who absolutely abhors the Miami Heat, there is no one I like less than Dwyane Wade (except for maybe Chris Bosh) (or Ray “Benedict” Allen) (or LeBron) (or Pat Riley – but I digress). Just the sight of Wade working his chewing gum through that who me? guilty smirk brings back memories of his throwdown of Rajon Rondo where he miraculously managed to dislocate Rondo’s elbow while not even picking up a foul.

But as we’ve noted here at Free Sport before (see “More to the Miami Heat,” Free Sport 4/2/12), when it comes to off-the-court social commentary on the Trayvon Martin murder case fiasco, no sports team has done more than the Miami hoopsters, especially longtime Heat star D Wade.

Shortly after George Zimmerman murdered Martin, LeBron James tweeted a photo of him and his teammates wearing their hoodies. Then Wade mentioned that his sons all wanted hoodies for Christmas (see “Trayvon Martin and the NBA: Baskeball commissioner David Stern’s “red state appeal” leads to exactly the kind of racial profiling seen in the vigilante shooting in Florida,” Valley Advocate, 4/5/12). Now, in the wake of the Zimmerman acquittal, Wade, along with his two sons Zion and Zaire, has posed on the new cover of Ebony magazine, all wearing gray hoodies (though Wade’s is worn down). More great leadership from the Heat superstar.

If only he weren’t still such a punk on the court …

Author: Free Sport

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