In Honor of Ex-Pats Player Tim Tebow, Jimmy Fallon as Tebowie

There may be many things to like, or dislike, about (the cultural phenomenom known as) Tim Tebow, but Jimmy Fallon’s spoof of Tebow singing David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” is just about as good as it gets. The clip was performed back in 2012, when Tebow’s Denver Broncos had just pulled the upset over the Pittsburgh Steelers, and were headed to Foxboro to lose to the New England Patriots (who would wind up in that season’s Super Bowl, though the results of that game seem to be escaping me at the moment). In a strange case of sports foreshadowing, Fallon’s Jesus Christ tells Fallon’s Tim Tebow that he doesn’t have a prayer against Tom Brady. (And, that he has better things to do than watch NFL football.)

Now, two teams and not even two seasons later, it appears the NFL Tebow experiment may finally have come to an end, and that this may be the last chance to crank up Fallon’s performance again.

So, in honor of the ex-Patriot, ex-Jet, ex-Bronco Tim Tebow, Free Sport presents Jimmy Fallon as Tebowie. “Once more, with feeling.

Next time: now that Tebow Time has struck midnight, which NFL teams should give former Oklahoma Sooners option quarterback Jamelle Holloway a second look?

Author: Free Sport

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