Boston Sports Radio on Danny (Don't Call Me Lola) Amendola

Hear here.

Often (and currently) injured Patriots wide receiver and presumptive Wes Welker replacement Danny Amendola was the subject of a humorous skit recently on Boston sports radio WEEI (available throughout southern New Enlgand, including 105.5 FM out of Springfield) when not one, but two sports radio talk show hosts took their shot at Jimmy Fallon’s Tebowie-esque karaoke brilliance (see “In Honor of Ex-Pats Player Tim Tebow, Jimmy Fallon as Tebowie,” Free Sport, 9/4/13) by offering an Amednola (“A-M-E-N-Dola!”) spoof of the classic Kinks song, “Lola.”

First up was Mike Salk, of the afternoon-time-slotted Salk and Holley Show.

Next was the Planet Mikey Show’s Mike Adams (he’s the one who begins the clip with the always lame “That’s what she said” crack). After a minute or so of sports radio talk banter, the singing (better than Salk, in my opinion) gets going.

(Quick side note, being named Mike is not necessarily a prerequistie to having a career as a sports radio talk show host in Boston, despite the fact that it is the name of Salk, Holley, and Adams.)

The original version of “Lola” was recorded by The Kinks in 1970, and tells the story of a young man meeting someone at a club who he’s not sure isn’t transgender, “who walked like a woman and talked like a man.”

The song was most famously spoofed by the most famous musical spoofer of all, Weird Al Yankovic, who one day ate too many Wicket snacks and then recorded “Yoda” on his (aptly titled?) Dare to Be Stupid album in 1985.

Weird Al, coincidentally enough, is coming to the Calvin next weekend (October 6).

In both cases, the themes of the songs involve someone not appearing to be what, or who they are. “Your eyes will deceive you,” quipped Jedi master Obi Wan Kenobi, “don’t trust them.” Indeed, indeed.

We’ll see if how it plays out with Amendola. In the meantime, you can now join me in having “Lola” stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

You’re welcome. Or, sorry.

Author: Free Sport

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