Nightcrawler: Proof of Life

Valley veterans Danny Pease & The Regulators have added a dash of special guests and new songwriters to the sonic stew they’ve been brewing at AQ Creative Production Studios in Chicopee.

This Friday, Oct. 4, they’ll be ready to release their rock/ska/hip-hop potion to the masses both in CD form and as a live show at Maximum Capacity (

And according to initial reports by head tune-master Danny Pease himself, the final product is equal parts high energy and high octane.

“We call it High Proof, and it marks the debut for new Regulators Matt Penza (drummer) and Jeff Katz (lead guitarist), and includes appearances by Catalyst (best known for his work in The Professors), Billy Kottage (Reel Big Fish), Kai Sandoval (Eight Feet Tall) and Stephanie Wiessler,” Pease told the Crawler. “All of those guests will also be joining us on stage this Friday, so it’s definitely one not to miss.”


In other news, the industry’s clown prince of parody, “Weird” Al Yankovic, brings some 40 years of musical mimicry with him to the Calvin Theater Sunday, Oct. 6. Most know the Hawaiian-shirted accordion slinger for his chart-topping hits “Eat It,” “Like A Surgeon” and “Smells Like Nirvana.”

Any self-respecting “Al”-coholic could probably also tell you that he got his start on the Dr. Demento Show.

As someone who has interviewed Yancovic and been backstage with him on several occasions over the past decade, however, The Crawler can add the following: First, Yankovic’s staff commonly scour venues during performances and offer after-show passes to children with disabilities. After his set, Yankovic will take a minute to towel off and oftentimes sit criss-cross applesauce on a table, sipping water and eating a banana or apple… and he will stay there until every last autograph or photo seeker is satisfied. Truly a class act. And speaking of class, he was also the valedictorian of his class of 1975 in Lynwood, California.

Finally, two of his more memorable quotes, both having to do with the process of asking permission to parody an artist’s song.

“Kurt Cobain was cool with it. I remember he was on set at Saturday Night Live when I called,” he explained in one interview. “He said something like, ‘Yeah, that’s fine…but can you tell me, is it going to be about food?’”

Did anyone ever not give him permission?

“There was this one guy, but I’d rather not say his name,” Yankovic demurred. “Then again, he sometimes turns his name into a symbol, so maybe it’s okay if I do?”

Tix for his Weird-ness range from $28.50 to $48.50, depending on your proximity to the hilarity, and are available at


Last but not least… haven’t gotten your big break yet? Don’t whine about it. Wine. And nibble cheese, too, as two seasoned professionals regale you with tunes and tales from their storybook careers.

On Friday, Oct. 4 between the hours of 7 and 9 p.m., the Divine Wine Emporium ( in Niantic, Conn. is playing host to a special evening of sounds and savories that will feature Nashville notables David Gibson and Charlie Allen.

The former is an Academy of Country Music Award winner who has penned top hits for the likes of Alabama (“Just Box in My Mind”), Tanya Tucker (“If It Don’t Come Easy”), Confederate Railroad (“Queen of Memphis” and “Daddy Never Was the Cadillac Kind” and Montgomery Gentry (“Lonely & Gone”), to name a choice few. The latter of is a personal friend of Divine Wine owner Ken Turcotte who was opening for the likes of Hank Williams, Jr. and Loretta Lynn by the age of nine.

“This is a Friday night out for a small price where you can experience nationally acclaimed talent,” Turcotte says of the $30 admission fee. “Learn how songwriters get inspired and create their music, ask questions, or just listen to them perform and let us entertain you.”

To reserve your spot, please call (860) 691-1053.•

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Author: Gary Carra

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